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We prepare you to read, write, speak, listen and learn the grammar of the German language across several levels – A1 – B2. Online German Language Course in Mumbai is designed to prepare you to write certification exams…. Read More

Online German Classes in Mumbai & Pune

Online German Language Classes in Mumbai - Overview

Whatever plans one may have for the future, knowledge of the German language will boost the options!!

The German Language is among the ten most commonly spoken languages in the globe. Nowadays everything becoming digital, the candidates have a spectacular opportunity to learn German online at their pace. Prizma Academy provides an online German course in Mumbai & Pune so that the candidates can learn German efficiently.

Germany provides a substantial number of scholarships and that helps the candidates to study in Germany. So, Mumbai German classes online are extremely helpful for the candidates and job seekers as well. From German beginners course to Pune online German course A1, B1, C1 levels, and many more everything will be provided through an online approach at Prizma Academy.

Prizma Academy offers an online German language course in Mumbai with certification that has the credibility to enhance their knowledge and cover a road for a successful career ahead in the professional world as a fluent German speaker. We will give them training in a practical way so that they can speak the language very well with fluency.

Why is the German Language so Important?

The candidates can learn German language online in Mumbai & Pune according to their choice, time, & at their own pace. Here are various reasons that state that the German language is very important:

  • Range in Career: The candidates can learn online German courses in Mumbai & Pune and they can also complete or involve themselves in other degrees and courses.
  • Precisely ability to concentrate: Online German language courses in Pune offer them the criteria for concentrating and focusing more and more. The candidates can learn this language in their comfort zone and effectively.
  • Flexible & Comforting: The candidate who is learning an online German language course in Mumbai will not be disturbed as they can schedule their time for the assignments and other productive work related to the German classes.

How Fast Can I Learn German Language?

Everyone’s motivations for learning a new language are unique. Although it’s impossible to say for sure, we’ve made an effort to provide an estimate of how long it will take to reach the beginning, intermediate, and expert levels of German. Elements that affect the length of time required to learn German language course:

  • Your Experiences Learning a Language

Learning more about the components of the language and the unique features it offers is one of the first steps in starting to learn German. If you’ve studied foreign grammar, memorized words, listened to different sounds, and looked at different letters before, your brain will be familiar with what to expect when you encounter a language that is not your own.

  • German language in and of itself

You might think of German as “Greek,” yet many languages are more similar than different. It could be simpler to learn the syntax, pronunciation, alphabet, and vocabulary if you can study a language that is similar to your native tongue.

  • Your Study Techniques

How you learn German has a big impact on how quickly you pick it up. German will probably take more time to master if you only learn it in a classroom setting.

  • Your Dedicated Learning Time

The amount of time you plan to spend studying German will determine how long it will take you to become fluent. It may happen every week, every day, or every month.

  • Your Attitude and Motivation

Those who are motivated are more likely to succeed in learning a language, but they are also more likely to give up. Keep in mind the benefits of studying German and why you want to study it to improve your life. You will be able to maintain your concentration and, as a result, learn more.

We train Students with all the aspects of the Language

Foreign Language Reading


Foreign Language Writing


Foreign Language Listening


Foreign Language Speaking


  • It is the Beginner’s Level course.
  • Learn the Alphabets, Numbers and Pronunciation
  • Entire course covers Theme based Topics
What to expect after completion of this course?
  • After completion of course, you can confidently introduce yourself in German.
  • You can conduct the basic conversations in day-to-day life in Germany.
  • Making an Appointment in German becomes easy.
  • Ordering Food in Cafes and Restaurants.
  • Conversations in a Supermarket or a shopping mall
  • Understanding Announcements at Railway Stations or Airports
  • You can plan different events like vacations, birthdays and organizing parties.
  • You will be able to give commands, orders and instructions.
  • Asking for and giving Information at different places like Railway Stations or Airports.
  • Asking the Way and Giving Directions
  • With A1 level, it becomes easier to spend a short period of time in Germany.
  • It is the Elementary Level or The Upper Beginner Level
  • Duration of this course is 45-50 hours.
  • One can understand Sentences and Frequently used Expressions
  • This course offers an understanding on Common Topics which enables one to make him/ herself understood in simple, routine situations.
  • It includes core structure and grammar that will take your German to the next level.
  • Entire course focuses on Theme Based Topics
What to expect after completion of this course?
  • One can easily conduct Conversations at Railway Stations or Offices
  • Read and Understand Simple Texts
  • Framing simply Connected Texts
  • Answering “Why” Questions
  • Talking about Cause and Effect (i.e when- then Sentences)
  • Comparing different things
  • Be able to Express Yourself Politely in Formal Situations
  • It is the intermediate level after which one can fluently express him/herself in German.
  • It is the basic requirement for most of the Germany based organizations and Universities.
  • It is an extension of A1 and A2 Levels after which one can frame Sentences with Advanced Grammar Structure
What to expect after completion of this course?
  • You will learn to frame complexly connected Texts
  • This course offers Wider Range of Situations and Vocabulary.
  • One learns to Use the Language in Everyday and Professional Situations
  • The offers variety of interesting topics for Discussion
  • One learns to Describe Experiences, Events, Dreams, Hopes and Ambitions
  • Ability to briefly give Opinions
  • Certificate is widely recognized by employers as sufficient evidence of Proficiency in German
  • Improves the Chances of Success on Job Market

It is the upper intermediate level. The course begins with an introduction to the easier part of German B2 Grammar.

  • This course Consists of B2.1 and B2.2
  • It covers Large Variety of Topics
  • One can learn more about the German culture through idioms and quotes.
  • Discussing Difficult Topics and Work-Related Issues
  • Understanding the Formal Texts in Journals and Newspapers
  • Discussions on Themes like Politics, Economy, Technology, People and Relationships, Environment and several other Topics.
  • You will Get the Command of Language after successfully completing it.
  • Learn to state Personal Views and Opinions in both Formal and Informal environment.
  • Learn to Discuss, Analyze and Interpret different Texts
  • Explaining Yourself on a wide range of Topics in a detailed Manner
  • After completion, you will be able to lead a fluent and spontaneous Conversation with a Native Speaker
  • Understanding specialized Discussions
  • Certificate serves as a proof in Public, Professional and Educational Situations

It is the advanced level and a higher Proficiency Language level. The course is sub divided into C1.1 and C1.2.

It helps to prepare to study at a University in Germany.

What to expect after completion of course?
  • Can understand a wide range of demanding, longer texts and also recognize implicit meaning.
  • Can express ideas spontaneously and fluently without any searching of words.
  • Can easily speak in social, professional and economic scenarios.
  • Can summarize information from a variety of spoken and written sources.
  • Can create detailed presentations and reports.
  1. Proficiency increases as you speak with native speaker
  2. Able to discuss about political and scientific research
  3. Will be able to understand at any pace if a native speaker speaks
  4. Every point in this level is completely based from A1 to C1 Level of the language
In the C2 German courses in Bangalore you will understand practically everything you read or hear without any problems. You can summarize information from different sources and present justifications and explanations uniformly. You can express yourself promptly, very fluently and precisely and be able to clarify subtle nuances within complex topics.
Main topics:
  • Communication and media
  • History and memories
  • Feelings, lies, strengths and weaknesses
  • School time
  • Career opportunities and professions
  • Tenses of the verbs
  • Verbs with prefixes, which may or may not be separable
  • Subjunctive II
  • Subjunctive I
  • Adverbial clauses
  • Verbs and their complements
  • Noun connectors
  • Word formation of the nouns
  • Participles as adjectives
  • Nominalized adjectives and participles
  • Relative clauses

Online German Language Course - Upcoming Batches

Course LevelBatch TypeTimingDateFor More Info
German A1WeekendMorning/EveningDec 2nd , 2023 Speak To Advisor
German A1WeekdayMorning/EveningDec 4th , 2023 Speak To Advisor
German A1WeekendMorning/EveningDec 9th , 2023 Speak To Advisor
German A1WeekdayMorning/EveningDec 11th , 2023 Speak To Advisor
German A1WeekendMorning/EveningDec 16th , 2023 Speak To Advisor
German A1WeekdayMorning/EveningDec 18th , 2023 Speak To Advisor
German A1WeekendMorning/EveningDec 23rd , 2023 Speak To Advisor
German A1WeekdayMorning/EveningDec 25th , 2023 Speak To Advisor
German A1WeekendMorning/EveningDec 30th , 2023 Speak To Advisor

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Top 10 Reasons to Study German Course Online

Most people prefer to go for German language course as it has significant advantages. There are several German language courses that assist extremely to start speaking & writing. Here are the advantages of German language course online:

Most widely spoken native language in Europe

In Europe, German is the most widely spoken mother tongue. It is the official language of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, & Belgium. It is also one of the most popular foreign languages taught globally.

Job opportunities globally

Germany is Europe’s largest economy & the world’s 2nd largest exporter that making it an essential language to learn. There are ample job opportunities for candidates who are fluent in the German language such as education, medicine, and healthcare, mass media, automobile, tourism, information technology, & many more.

Study / Work in Germany, Switzerland, & Austria

Germany is the land of innovations & ideas. The nation offers many courses expanded across multiple bachelor, master, doctoral, and post-doctoral programs. Employers around the world respect their degrees. The German universities have an excellent global reputation and are amidst the great in the world.

Strong German existence on the Internet

Germans have a dominant Internet existence. Germany’s top-level nation domain .de is the 4th prominent extension after .com, .jp (Japan) & .ru (Russia) with 17th million Internet domains.

German is not so difficult

If English is your native language or if you already know English, then you already have an advantage when it comes to learn German language online. Modern English & modern German developed from the common ancestor language Germanic.

Germany has the 3rd strongest economy and is the #1 export country in the globe

German businesses earn 1 in 3 euros through export, and 1 in 4 jobs rely on exports from cars to machinery and industrial equipment, from pharmaceuticals to household goods. The determination and benefits of German products on the market are specified by the nation's significant trade surplus.

Germans are the biggest spenders of tourist dollars

Year after year, the residents of Germany spend more on foreign travel than those of any other country. Travel companies, tour agencies, hotels, airlines, and car rental agencies that can interact with Germans in their language will gain their business.

The German presence on the Internet override most others

Germany's top-level nation domain .de is 2nd only to the extension .com with 8 million Internet domains. That makes German domain names even more famous than those with .net, .org, .info, and .biz extensions.

German-speaking nations have a rich cultural heritage

Germans have made considerable contributions to world art and architecture from the splendid architecture of medieval buildings to the avant-garde Bauhaus movement and the sciences would also be unbelievable without the contributions of German speakers. Knowing German enables you to access the works of these people in their original language and to fully understand the culture when they are acquired.

Opens the door to new languages

When the candidates have mastered an online German Coaching Classes in Mumbai & Pune, they would be surprised at how easy it is to learn other languages. They will understand what learning tools and methods work best, setting them up for future success.

10 Benefits of Learning German languages for Professionals

Being a multilingual person is no less than a blessing!!

The advantages of knowing more than one language act as a USP in career, business, health, and also academic field. Because of globalization, people are attaining the opportunity to work with several multinational nations. These benefits of learning online German language course apply to those who is passionate traveler, ambitious professional, & more.

  1. Strengthen the cognitive powers
    Learning an online German classes in Mumbai & Pune can boost the critical thinking power within a human being. This language assists a lot to expand the key-learning capacity in them.
  2. Brings noticeable improvement in academic performance
    The German language has become one of the most spoken languages all over the globe. If the candidate takes admission to higher studies in any university in Germany, then knowledge of this German-language will assist a lot to attend tuition classes and making German friends.
  3. Better interaction boots more networking
    Learning an online German language course in Mumbai & Pune will give an added benefit to a person who wants to study in Germany and work in German companies. Knowing German will assist to expand good networking and also expand their horizon.
  4. Strengthen the competitive perimeter
    Knowing the German language will assist the candidates to have a stronghold of grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, & more. If they are proficient in the German language, then they can grow in any career profile such as a travel agent or a tutor or translator.
  5. Able to work in the Tourism Industry
    If the candidate wants to make a career in the tourism industry of Germany, then learning an online German language course in Mumbai & Pune is a must. Every year, there are a good number of German travelers to India & they look for German-speaking guides and travel partners to explore the beauty of India.
  6. Boost the confidence
    When you learn about online German language classes in Mumbai & Pune, it will automatically boost the candidate’s level of confidence. Knowing this language will assist them to make more friends and thus broaden the perimeter of the network. You can explore more cultures, and it will automatically offer a powerful kick to their career.
  7. Make more German friends anywhere
    No matter where you decide to vacation, you will see German travelers or residents everywhere. This is the best way to build stronger relationships with them by speaking German.
  8. Increased Salary/Earning Potential
    Various companies all around the globe are on the hunt for candidates with bilingual proficiency, and more especially the German language. Such companies prefer to pay higher salaries to these employees and even provide bigger bonuses based on German language proficiency.
  9. Effortless and Effective Communication
    Career growth & lucrative position are the great benefits to taking Mumbai German classes online as a foreign language. Learning it assists the candidates to communicate well with the business clientele/colleagues who know and speak German.
  10. Assists Brain Development
    Learning a second language such as German assists in brain development. The candidates who learn German language online in Mumbai at an early age assist in enhancing concentration power, learning skills, and memory abilities.


I have completed my German A1 and A2 levels. Its a very good institute to learn German with proper grammar knowledge. You will have a great learning experience which you will definitely not get with any other institutes. After finishing the first level itself you will be able to see the difference by comparing with other institute students. I will definitely recommend this institute to everyone who wants to learn German properly.

Madhuri Pochamreddy

Prizma is really very good for foreign language. Its really worth to join. I Have competed German A1 and also going to start A. Trainers are very good and very understanding. I really appreciate there audio and video facility for the students.

Manish Verma

Excellent ambience. Courteous staff and really good trainers . The specialities in rendition of true accent as original is what is a big benefit . Flexible in scheduling your classes base don your exigency. I highly recommend this institute for learning many foreign languages with expert trainers available here and having module online connects on management courses from top universities is being initiated which is an excellent thing for many experienced folks like me. I have truly benefitted being a student of French language at this great place! Kudos keep it going Prizma!!

Vivek Dhar

Hi everyone, We where as family are relocating to Germany next month. We where actually very worried how to go about with the language. We took up a course at Prizma…me and my 6 year old son. The training was very good. We have really grown a lot in the language. The training center gives us good time and have are very understanding. Aruna mam is very excellent teacher. Pls go ahead wit the course here….thanks a lot.

Aafreen Muddasir

I must say this is the most professional academy to learn German Language . Me & my husband were very particular before we joined here, visited many institutes took demo classes everywhere , finally decided to join here. it was far from our place but worth . We both have successfully completed till A2 level , gave exams , got certified with above 80 marks. Thanks to all the faculties who made us learn the Language so easily. Fun Lab Room is the best part of this place. Awesome experience . Kudos Team.

Supriya Mary

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All those people who are going to Germany for further studies, applying for Visa, looking for jobs, want to upgrade or enhance their job profile or salary, or want to learn the German language for hobby.
German is very easy & interesting language. Prizma Academy has 6 types of batches and you can have the complete time-frame for all the batches once you enroll for German classes online.
There are two or three hour’s classes daily. You can choose the timings as per your preference & convenience.
It’s depending on which German language course you choose to learn.
Yes. The 1st class is the demo class only. After that, you have to enroll yourself in German language course.
  • You do not need any prior knowledge of German to take part in a German online course at level A1.
  • You need level A1 German skills for a German online course at level A2.
  • You need level A2 German skills, for a German online course at level B1.
  • You need level B1 German skills, for a German online course at level B2.
  • You need level B2 German skills, for a German online course at level C1.
  • You need level C1 German skills, for a German online course at level C2.
The free online placement test at Prizma Academy will determine which level is the appropriate choice for you.
You need a PC, a laptop or a tablet with an Internet connection an email address and, a headset with a microphone to study German course online.
Yes, you can continue learning German in a classroom course after completing a German online course.