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We prepare you to read, write, speak, listen and learn the grammar of the Korean language across several Level 1 – Level 5. Online Korean Language Course in Bangalore is designed to prepare you to write certification exams…. Read More

Korean Language Course Level 1A

Online Korean Language Course in Bangalore - Overview

Nowadays, the students obtain the Korean language necessary for daily life & academic Korean communicative ability required for study in university or graduate school. Online Korean Language Course in Bangalore from the leading institution-Prizma Academy that aims to improve Korean communication skills through integrated education in speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

The experienced Korean language faculty members of Prizma Academy has a master’s degree or higher and a Korean teacher’s certificate. They are continually researching and developing textbooks and teaching methods for efficient instruction.

Online Korean Language Course in Bangalore  include live classes conducted in a real-time environment and student-focused communicative teaching methodologies. The study material and class activities are custom designed for the requirements of the students in a batch and are constantly monitored and modified according to the progress of learners.

Topics & Vocabulary:
  • Introductions to Hangul and Sound Changes
  • Introducing yourself: greetings – saying “Hello”, and “Goodbye”
  • Likes & dislikes
  • Simple Sentences (Adverbs, Plural, Nouns, Articles)
  • Wanting and not wanting
  • Asking Questions
  • To be
  • Present – simple simple/continuous
  • Particle and very stem
  • Prepositions
  • Topic markers
  • Subject markers
  • But and however
  • Plurals
  • Articles
  • Word order – sentence, question
Cultural Content:
  • Everyday Korean Culture
  • Everyday speaking and polite forms of speech
  • Levels of formality and body language
Skills Work:
  • Focus on speaking/active practice
  • Hangul / Writing / Reading
  • Variety of listening activities
  • Pronunciation – key sounds
Topics & Vocabulary:
  • Asking questions about individual people and things
  • Talking about daily activities and socialising
  • Describing people and things
  • Colours
  • Numbers
  • Subject markers
  • Topic markers
  • Possessive markers
  • Word order and sentence structure
  • Conjugating descriptive verbs
  • Making verbs negative
  • Verbs as adjectives
  • Avoiding repetition
  • Because +
  • Adverbs
Cultural Content:
  • Everyday Korean Culture
  • Everyday speaking and levels of formality
  • Cultural points that relate specifically to the topics of the level
Skills Work:
Topics & Vocabulary:
  • Hobbies
  • Telling the time/days of the week/months of the year
  • Making plans and scheduling
  • Shopping
  • Family and relationships
  • Talking about the past
  • Subject markers
  • Topic markers
  • Object markers
  • Using ‘tell me about…’
  • Using ‘please…’
  • Future forms
  • Past forms
  • Pronouns
  • Formal and informal Korean
Cultural Content:
  • Everyday Korean Culture
  • Everyday speaking and levels of formality
  • Cultural points that relate specifically to the topics of the level
Skills Work:
  • Focus on speaking/active practice
  • Hangul / Writing / Reading
  • Variety of listening activities
  • Pronunciation – key sounds
Topics & Vocabulary:
  • Age and Birthdays
  • Public transport
  • Music in Korea (and K-pop)
  • Organising parties and events
  • Apologising
  • Noun-modifying form
  • Honorific expressions
  • The clausal connective
  • Sentence endings
  • The progressive form
  • Expressing desire and opinion
Cultural Content:
  • Working out someone’s real age
  • Etiquette when travelling
  • The Korean Wave
Skills Work:
  • Focus on speaking/active practice
  • Hangul / Writing / Reading
  • Variety of listening activities
  • Pronunciation – key sounds
Topics & Vocabulary:
  • Extended family
  • Describing people
  • Going to the doctors
  • Taking a taxi
  • Communication: emails, phone calls, messages
  • Sentence endings
  • The clausal connective (sequential)
  • Irregular predicates
  • Negative commands
  • Expressing obligation or necessity
Cultural Content:
  • The family and traditions
  • Religions in Korea
  • The Hell Train (subway in Seoul)
Skills Work:
Topics & Vocabulary:
  • Making purchases
  • Making suggestions
  • Describing food and tastes
  • Describing feelings
  • Talking about activities
  • Can/cannot
  • Compound verbs
  • While -ing
  • The nominalizer
  • Negation
  • The conditional
  • The comparative
  • Expressing frequency
Cultural Content:
  • Insa-dong
  • Food culture
  • Popular sports in Korea
Skills Work:
  • Focus on speaking/active practice
  • Hangul / Writing / Reading
  • Variety of listening activities
  • Pronunciation – key sounds
Topics & Vocabulary:
  • Talking about weathers in Korea and four seasons
  • Clothing and fashion
  • Making plans
  • Shopping
  • Describing physical appearance
  • Trip to Korea
  • Taking about vacation and summer jobs
  • Change of state: 어/아지다 ‘ become, get to be’
  • Sentence ending : – 잖아요 ‘ You know,…’
  • Noun-modifying form : -던 (retrospective)
  • Indicating possibility and capability
  • Expressions of permissions and prohibitions
  • – (으)ㄴ/는/(으)ㄹ 것 같다It seems/looks like
  • -게 되다 : change or turn of events
  • Doubling of – 었-: – 었였/-았었-/-ㅆ었-
  • Describing past events
Cultural Content:
  • The use of the lunar and solar calendars
  • The Korean life pertaining to clothes
  • The ancient capital of the Silla Kingdom
  • Shopping culture in Korea
Skills Work:
  • Focus on speaking practice inc. situational exercises & interaction
  • Pronunciation
  • Writing, Reading
  • Variety of listening activities
Topics & Vocabulary:
  • Lifestyle in Korea
  • Giving a warning and seeking advice
  • Searching for housing
  • Describing buildings and interiors
  • Giving compliments and responding to compliments
  • Using public transportation
  • Asking for and giving directions
  • Making telephone calls
  • Talking about food and making a shopping list
  • Expressing hesitation
  • – (으)려면 ‘if…intends to do’
  • – 어야/이야지요 ‘definitely/indeed/surely should/ought to/have to.
  • The intimate speech style -어/아
  • -(으)ㄴ지 얼마나 됐어요? How long it has been since …?
  • Transference of an action/state to another
  • The use of the plain style in speaking
  • V.S – 기로 하다 ‘plan to/decide to’
  • Indirect quotation : – 다고 하다, -(으/느0냐고 하다, -(으)라고 하다, – 자고 하다
  • 아무리 – 어도/아도 ‘no matter how…’
  • -어/아 보이다 ‘someone/something appears…/ looks…’
  • Passive verbs
  • -는 데(에) ‘in/for- ing…’
Cultural Content:
  • Popular tourist sites in Seoul
  • Famous mountains
  • Traditional vs modern house
  • Traditional market
  • Food culture and recipes
Skills Work:
  • Lots of speaking/active practice
  • Lots of listening
  • Writing personal letters and journal
  • Pronunciation

Korean Language Upcoming Batches

Course LevelBatch TypeTimingDateFor More Info
Korean 1A & 1BWeekdayMorning/EveningNov 15th , 2021 Speak To Advisor
Korean 1A & 1BWeekendMorning/EveningNov 20th , 2021 Speak To Advisor
Korean 1A & 1BWeekendMorning/EveningNov 27th , 2021 Speak To Advisor

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Advantages of Korean Language courses online

Here are the advantages of Korean Language courses online:

Korean language is easier to learn

Korean language can be regarded as the easiest language to learn for English speakers. There are 28 letters known as Hangul in Korean alphabet. This writing system is quite easy to learn so it can assist save time and lessen confusion.

Boost your brainpower

There are various benefits linked to learning a second, third or fourth foreign language. You will be stimulating your mind, which in turn will keep your brain active by learning Korean language.

Better travel experience

Korea is a common tourist destination that is full of interesting historical and artistic places that many people are interested in traveling to. It is possible to get around without knowing the native language because most people in South Korea can communicate in English. You will have the opportunity to speak with business owners, neighbors and tour guides that will assist you to find your way around this nation and make you feel more comfortable in society.

Jobs in Korean companies in India

Korean companies and groups have their presence in India that are running in almost every sector such as business research, Information Technology, consumer electronics, R&D, life sciences, automobiles, tourism, construction industry, trading, & many more. Korean companies prefer fluent candidates as their head offices are in Korea, and they require communicating with them frequently.

Jobs in Indian Companies and other MNCs

There are various MNCs from India who hire Korean language professionals for their office in India. Jobs in these MNCs are related to accounting payables, translations, technical writings, proofreading. The salary depends on the nature of the job, the subject’s technicality, and language proficiency. In most cases, companies look for certain field specialists with the ability to communicate in Korean generally given a language premium on top of the basic salary to the successful candidate.

Benefits of Korean Language learning online at Prizma Academy:

Why learn Korean language Online?


I have completed my German A1 and A2 levels. Its a very good institute to learn German with proper grammar knowledge. You will have a great learning experience which you will definitely not get with any other institutes. After finishing the first level itself you will be able to see the difference by comparing with other institute students. I will definitely recommend this institute to everyone who wants to learn German properly.

Madhuri Pochamreddy

Prizma is really very good for foreign language. Its really worth to join. I Have competed German A1 and also going to start A. Trainers are very good and very understanding. I really appreciate there audio and video facility for the students.

Manish Verma

Excellent ambience. Courteous staff and really good trainers . The specialities in rendition of true accent as original is what is a big benefit . Flexible in scheduling your classes base don your exigency. I highly recommend this institute for learning many foreign languages with expert trainers available here and having module online connects on management courses from top universities is being initiated which is an excellent thing for many experienced folks like me. I have truly benefitted being a student of French language at this great place! Kudos keep it going Prizma!!

Vivek Dhar

Hi everyone, We where as family are relocating to Germany next month. We where actually very worried how to go about with the language. We took up a course at Prizma…me and my 6 year old son. The training was very good. We have really grown a lot in the language. The training center gives us good time and have are very understanding. Aruna mam is very excellent teacher. Pls go ahead wit the course here….thanks a lot.

Aafreen Muddasir

I must say this is the most professional academy to learn German Language . Me & my husband were very particular before we joined here, visited many institutes took demo classes everywhere , finally decided to join here. it was far from our place but worth . We both have successfully completed till A2 level , gave exams , got certified with above 80 marks. Thanks to all the faculties who made us learn the Language so easily. Fun Lab Room is the best part of this place. Awesome experience . Kudos Team.

Supriya Mary

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Yes, anyone can learn Korean course online. There is no age limit.
The full Korean language course is a total of ten weeks. You can complete the course at your own place. There are two options to start:
  • Three-week course
  • Full Korean language course.
No, however, your access to the Korean language course will expire after 6 months from the date you pay the fees.
Yes, you can get an official certificate for finishing a Korean language course. If you are unable to complete 100% of this course, you cannot qualify for the certificate.
Yes, you will be able to ask questions and get support from the teachers of Prizma Academy.