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We prepare you to read, write, speak, listen and learn the grammar of the Russian language across several levels – A1 – B2. Online Russian Language Course in Bangalore is designed to prepare you to write certification exams…. Read More

A1 Russian Language Course

Online Russian Language Course in Bangalore - Overview

Learning any new & fascinating language such as Russian is a challenge that can open up your mind to new perspectives and assist you to connect with all kinds of people across boundaries of land and language. Prizma Academy is one of the best institutes that enables you to learn Online Russian Language Course in Bangalore that include role-play, interviews, information gap exercises, games, language exchanges, surveys, and learning by teaching.

Learning Russian language includes making connections between words and what they represent and putting together grammatical structures, spontaneously speaking and a whole lot of active listening. You will find a lot of Russian words and phrases that are connected with English expressions you already know. So, it will be easier for you to learn Russian language online.

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Advantages of Russian Language Courses Online

There are several benefits you can experience when learning Russian language online:

One of the most spoken languages in the globe

More than 260 million people around the globe speak Russian. It is the official language of Russia & has official status in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. It is also spoken regularly in the Baltics, Israel, China, Ukraine, Armenia and even the United States.

Knowing the Russian language enhances employment prospects

The emergence of a new Russian middle class has led various Russians to travel abroad, marking the tourism industry. If you work in tourism, knowing how to speak Russian is something to put on your resume.

It has a fascinating culture

You can learn more about Russian culture through its language & literature. Learning Russian will enable you to understand the complexity of this culture. Russian music is another way the culture express itself. It has modernized and mixed with the global culture.

Experience the real Russia

Once you learn online Russian language course in Bangalore, the way you experience to travel to Russian-speaking nations will never be the same. Russians immediately become welcoming and friendly when you make an effort to communicate. If you are able to talk in the Russian language, it opens up more captivating lodging options than expensive and impersonal hotels. Couchsurfing is one great idea as you can meet Russians and practice your language skills for cheap.

Broaden your social circle and make new friends

When it comes to making new friends and contacts, speaking Russian language will provide you a huge benefit. You might also establish professional relationships. Making Russian-speaking friends is one of the great ways to learn Russian idiomatic expressions.

Learn something new, useful and different

Learning Russian can assist you to understand useful concepts for studying other languages. Taking on the task of learning Russian will profoundly change how you perceive language and understand the globe around you. If you are a student, now is a great time to decide to start learning Russian language. Specialization in Russian language brings with it various benefits in your professional as well as in your personal life.

Why Learn Russian Language Course Online?

Here are the reasons to learn Russian language online:

It is better than no classes at all

It is a great alternative to learning Russian in a classroom with other students, and better than no lessons at all. Online Russian classes in Bangalore are more productive than offline classes. The teacher can use screen sharing, write down words in the chat, or share lesson notes.

Able to form a group with people from all over the world

While learning Russian language online, you can connect with people from different places or countries. It adds something interesting that people from all over the world, from different countries, are in the same digital room to learn Russian.

Schedule is more flexible than offline

The schedule of online Russian classes can be more flexible. A person who is learning Russian language online will not be disturbed; he/she can schedule his/her own time for the assignments and other productive pieces of stuff related to the classes.

Range in career

You can learn online Russian language course in Bangalore and also you can complete or involve yourself in other degrees and courses. There shall be no limitations and boundaries by having online Russian classes.


I have completed my German A1 and A2 levels. Its a very good institute to learn German with proper grammar knowledge. You will have a great learning experience which you will definitely not get with any other institutes. After finishing the first level itself you will be able to see the difference by comparing with other institute students. I will definitely recommend this institute to everyone who wants to learn German properly.

Madhuri Pochamreddy

Prizma is really very good for foreign language. Its really worth to join. I Have competed German A1 and also going to start A. Trainers are very good and very understanding. I really appreciate there audio and video facility for the students.

Manish Verma

Excellent ambience. Courteous staff and really good trainers . The specialities in rendition of true accent as original is what is a big benefit . Flexible in scheduling your classes base don your exigency. I highly recommend this institute for learning many foreign languages with expert trainers available here and having module online connects on management courses from top universities is being initiated which is an excellent thing for many experienced folks like me. I have truly benefitted being a student of French language at this great place! Kudos keep it going Prizma!!

Vivek Dhar

Hi everyone, We where as family are relocating to Germany next month. We where actually very worried how to go about with the language. We took up a course at Prizma…me and my 6 year old son. The training was very good. We have really grown a lot in the language. The training center gives us good time and have are very understanding. Aruna mam is very excellent teacher. Pls go ahead wit the course here….thanks a lot.

Aafreen Muddasir

I must say this is the most professional academy to learn German Language . Me & my husband were very particular before we joined here, visited many institutes took demo classes everywhere , finally decided to join here. it was far from our place but worth . We both have successfully completed till A2 level , gave exams , got certified with above 80 marks. Thanks to all the faculties who made us learn the Language so easily. Fun Lab Room is the best part of this place. Awesome experience . Kudos Team.

Supriya Mary

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Yes, you can enroll yourself at Prizma Academy & learn Russian language online from the best & experienced teachers.
The Russian language is considered to be the sixth most influential language in the globe. Russia is the largest nation in the world and therefore Russian is spoken by a very large amount of the world population.
Not really but with practice, you will easily learn Russian language online
Attend online Russian classes from Prizma Academy.
Russian is still taught as the 2nd language in most of Eastern Europe, therefore children grow up able to converse in various languages. Russian language is a mostly standardized language.
You will be able to speak Russian after attending 80 hours of class.

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