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IELTS can be your stepping stone towards a wish to study or settle abroad. You can prepare for IELTS from anywhere at any time with our IELTS training online!!

Live IELTS Online Training in Bangalore

Prizma Academy is one of the leading IELTS (International English Language Testing System) training institutes in Bangalore with highly qualified trainers that provide the best IELTS online coaching.

Your IELTS score plays an important role in acquiring a visa, admission or job in leading English-speaking economies. A high score can set you apart from other candidates and provide your profile a significant edge. Prizma Academy’s IELTS online classes are formulated to assist you to attain the highest score. You can study in your own time – online or download lessons for offline study on mobile devices.

You can interact with your tutor and classmates on video-conference in interactive IELTS training online sessions. You can develop your understanding of the test format and assessment criteria for IELTS Speaking and Writing and get instant feedback on your progress from the tutor.

Features of Live IELTS Online Training

IELTS online course is designed for those who wish to practice and study at their convenience. The course is specially created to ensure that they get maximum practice for the IELTS test. It incorporates extensive practice in the following four parameters:
In this, the students will learn:
  • Listening test techniques
  • Increasing your listening range
  • Staying focused when you listen
  • Listening to conversations in English
In this, the students will learn:
  • Techniques such as skimming and scanning to improve your test reading speed
  • Reading about unfamiliar topics in English
  • Enhancing your vocabulary and dealing with unknown words
  • Managing with time pressure
In this, the students will learn:
  • Understanding and describing charts and data
  • Writing about trends
  • Planning an essay
  • Grammar and vocabulary you require
In this, the students will learn:
  • How to give full and fluent answers to the questions of the examiner
  • How to improve your confidence when speaking English
  • Planning a short talk in English
  • Finding enough to say
  • Improving your pronunciation
  • Grammar you require for the test

Two Types of IELTS Tests

The students must select their test based on their immediate purpose for applying.

IELTS Academic

The students who seek admission in universities abroad at undergraduate or postgraduate levels, and for professional registration purposes should apply for IELTS academic test. It evaluates whether you are ready to start studying or training in an environment where the English language is used and reflects some of the features used in academic study.

IELTS General Training Test

The professionals and migrants who wish to permanently settle in English speaking nations should apply for this test. The test is designed to evaluate how comfortable the applicants are with using English in everyday scenarios. A good score is important if you want to increase your chances of settling in nations such as Canada, Australia, & the UK.

IELTS Preparation Online with Prizma Academy

IELTS Online Course from Prizma Academy

The students must select their test based on their immediate purpose for applying.

Enhance test-related skills

You will get advice on how to enhance skills for every 4 sections of the test: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. You will also learn useful grammar and vocabulary to enhance your English range and accuracy through IELTS preparation online activities.

Acquire test awareness

You will learn about the test format and types of the different questions so you know exactly what to expect on test day.

Evolve effective test strategies

You will take part in guided practice for authentic test questions for each part of the test and learn lots of tips and techniques that assist you to get the highest scores.

Get IELTS ready

You will practice writing and speaking test sections in your IELTS online classes and reading and writing through online activities from the best IELTS online coaching institute.

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I have completed my German A1 and A2 levels. Its a very good institute to learn German with proper grammar knowledge. You will have a great learning experience which you will definitely not get with any other institutes. After finishing the first level itself you will be able to see the difference by comparing with other institute students. I will definitely recommend this institute to everyone who wants to learn German properly.

Madhuri Pochamreddy

Prizma is really very good for foreign language. Its really worth to join. I Have competed German A1 and also going to start A. Trainers are very good and very understanding. I really appreciate there audio and video facility for the students.

Manish Verma

Excellent ambience. Courteous staff and really good trainers . The specialities in rendition of true accent as original is what is a big benefit . Flexible in scheduling your classes base don your exigency. I highly recommend this institute for learning many foreign languages with expert trainers available here and having module online connects on management courses from top universities is being initiated which is an excellent thing for many experienced folks like me. I have truly benefitted being a student of French language at this great place! Kudos keep it going Prizma!!

Vivek Dhar

Hi everyone, We where as family are relocating to Germany next month. We where actually very worried how to go about with the language. We took up a course at Prizma…me and my 6 year old son. The training was very good. We have really grown a lot in the language. The training center gives us good time and have are very understanding. Aruna mam is very excellent teacher. Pls go ahead wit the course here….thanks a lot.

Aafreen Muddasir

I must say this is the most professional academy to learn German Language . Me & my husband were very particular before we joined here, visited many institutes took demo classes everywhere , finally decided to join here. it was far from our place but worth . We both have successfully completed till A2 level , gave exams , got certified with above 80 marks. Thanks to all the faculties who made us learn the Language so easily. Fun Lab Room is the best part of this place. Awesome experience . Kudos Team.

Supriya Mary


IELTS syllabus comprises 4compulsory sections as Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking sections. The listening and reading sections of IELTS syllabus will remain the same for IELTS General Training as well as IELTS Academic. The listening and speaking sections will vary in terms of test content.
The registration fee for the IELTS exam in India is Rs.14,700/-
The Reading and Writing sections are for 60 minutes each. The Speaking test takes about 11 to 14 minutes and is conducted like an interview by an examiner who evaluates candidates on fluency, grammar, pronunciation, & accuracy. The examiner usually conducts the Speaking test in three parts and records the entire conversation.
IELTS is the world’s leading test of English language proficiency. IELTS is not difficult in itself. It evaluates your abilities in listening, reading, writing and speaking in less than 3 hours.
In general, the validity of IELTS score is 2 years.
Yes by enrolling yourself at the best IELTS online coaching institute- Prizma Academy.
An IELTS Test Report Form (TRF) is valid for 2 years.