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We prepare you to read, write, speak, listen and learn the grammar of the German language across several levels – A1 – B2. German Language Course in Bangalore is designed to prepare you to write certification exams. Read More
Level A1 German Language Course

German Language Course - Overview

German coaching center in Bangalore provides an integrated professional course & aimed at offering the candidates with the skills and knowledge of the German language, focusing on the utilization of the pronunciations and grammar in the German style and accent.

German language classes in Bangalore are designed and delivered by expert professionals who have a rich and diverse experience of teaching the German language for at least 10+ years, assisting various candidates to develop mastery over the language and using it for daily business and interpersonal communication.

German language course in Bangalore is based on giving the candidates with the utmost practical exposure and providing them the visions into the different ways of speaking and using the words and phrases to ensure that they become proficient and confident to effectively speak in the German language for better communication to develop professional and personal objectives.

Key features of a German coaching center in Bangalore

  • Real-time experts as trainers
  • LIVE project
  • Certification
  • Affordable fees
  • Flexibility
  • Placement support

We prepare you to read, write, speak, listen and learn the grammar of the German language across several levels – A1 – B2. German Language Course in Bangalore is designed to prepare you to write certification exams. The levels followed at Prizma Academy are:

How German Language Is Useful?

In business, research, technology, and international diplomacy, German is the most commonly used language. German is currently one of the most influential languages in education and is widely used in academics, especially in the sciences. Germany is the largest economy in Europe, has the fourth-highest GDP growth, and is the second-largest manufacturer in the world, making it crucial to learn the language.

The ability to speak German fluently has opened up job opportunities in India in the domains of medicine and healthcare, education, logistics, transportation, energy, and utilities, mass media, entertainment, tourism, and financial services. At many of these multinational corporations, having German language proficiency on your Curriculum Vitae may help you improve your career.

Because of its syntax and Grammar, the German language is easier to master than the French language. But we must use simple learning techniques if we want to pick up a second language rapidly. With more than 18 million Internet domains, Germans are well-represented online. German is one of the top three languages on the Internet in terms of language indexing, along with English and Russian.

Knowing German gives you access to almost 14 million extra websites, not to mention several other German websites with domain extensions,.org, Germany has contributed immeasurable amounts of knowledge. If you study German language course, you will be able to read literature, philosophy, and science in their native tongues. It’s a language that’s important for academic work. International students seeking undergraduate and graduate degrees are increasingly attracted to Germany.

We train Students with all the aspects of the Language

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Foreign Language Writing


Foreign Language Listening


Foreign Language Speaking


German Language Course - Upcoming Batches

Course LevelBatch TypeTimingDateFor More Info
German A1WeekendMorning/EveningDec 2nd , 2023 Speak To Advisor
German A1WeekdayMorning/EveningDec 4th , 2023 Speak To Advisor
German A1WeekendMorning/EveningDec 9th , 2023 Speak To Advisor
German A1WeekdayMorning/EveningDec 11th , 2023 Speak To Advisor
German A1WeekendMorning/EveningDec 16th , 2023 Speak To Advisor
German A1WeekdayMorning/EveningDec 18th , 2023 Speak To Advisor
German A1WeekendMorning/EveningDec 23rd , 2023 Speak To Advisor
German A1WeekdayMorning/EveningDec 25th , 2023 Speak To Advisor
German A1WeekendMorning/EveningDec 30th , 2023 Speak To Advisor

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Higher paying job possibilities in India and globally

Germans are worldwide leaders in engineering. Germany is Europe’s biggest economy and the world’s 2nd largest exporter. This makes German a necessary language to study. Fluency in the German language has opened up job prospects in India that gain higher salaries.

Career scope in MNCs

The scope of the German language in India is enormous. German language skills can assist in a career in various international corporations or companies.

Job of translators or interpreters

There are various German language careers in India, one can select to work as translator, proofreader, and trainer. Some organization associations in India, MNCs, and NGOs require mediators.

Jobs in the hotel, travel, tourism, and hospitality industry

German companies and subsidiaries in India also provide considerable amounts of money and six weeks of vacation annually. There are a large number of German-speaking travels to India every year for touring, however are not conversant in English and this fact accounts for more jobs in the hotel, travel, tourism, and hospitality industry in India as well as abroad.

Business opportunities, trade relations with German Companies

The German language will help in establishing effective communication with the German organizations or partners for trading a business.

Studying in Germany for a bright career

If one wishes to opt for higher studies after completing their bachelors in India and have budget restrictions then do not end up compromising the dream. They can take admission in German universities which offer them reasonable and quality education at almost no cost.

Better interaction

Taking German classes in Bangalore will give an added benefit to a person who wants to study in Germany and work in German companies. Knowing German will assist to expand good networking and also expand their horizon

Boost the confidence

After taking German language training in Bangalore, it will automatically boost the candidate’s level of confidence. Knowing this language will assist them to make more friends and thus broaden the perimeter of the network. You can explore more cultures, and it will automatically offer a powerful kick to their career.

Study / Work in Germany, Switzerland, & Austria

Germany is the land of innovations & ideas. The nation offers many courses expanded across multiple bachelor, master, doctoral, and post-doctoral programs. Employers around the world respect their degrees. The German universities have an excellent global reputation and are amidst the great in the world.

Strengthen the competitive perimeter

Knowing the German language will assist the candidates to have a stronghold of grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, & more. If they are proficient in the German language, then they can grow in any career profile such as a travel agent or a tutor or translator.

All About German Language Course & Opportunities

In India, the trend for foreign languages is expanding expeditiously. Most students and professionals are learning the German language for their personal as well as professional growth. The requirement for native speakers is increasing extensively with several multinational companies establishing business operations in India.

In this high-tech world, it is very essential to learn a second language to explore a job in the corporate world especially MNCs. There are a plethora of benefits, scopes, and career possibilities in India for German speakers. Moreover, the German coaching center provides the best German classes in Bangalore for students and professionals.

Fluency in the German language in India has opened up job prospects in universities or private institutes. The candidates can learn German online or offline and add new skills to their CV as it can assist them to make their career in various companies in India.

The beneficial thing about the German language course in Bangalore is that it opens the candidates to an altogether new universe of chance. In India, several IT companies consider German-orators to manage their clients located in Germany and other German-speaking nations.

German Language Certification Important Facts

After the successful completion of the German course, the German coaching center in Bangalore offers the students and professionals the German language training certification as an acknowledgment of the professional skills and knowledge they have attained during the course.

Our German language certification is recognized by business and non-business firms and organizations as evidence of precise practical training in accordance with the up-to-date worldwide trends and semantic patterns. Our German language certification will add to their resume and enhance their career opportunities by boosting their set of skills and providing them a competitive edge.

Important facts about the German Language

  • Germany has a considerable amount of resident speakers in the European Union.
  • The German language is amongst the 10 most commonly spoken languages across the world.
  • Germans are worldwide leaders in Engineering
  • 18% of the world’s books are published in German and few of these hardly appear in English translation.
  • German is the gateway to higher education.

Importance of German Language Skills

Most people learn a second language to make them more magnificent, confident, and self-reliant in the marketplace. It also assists in getting a better job in the competitive market. Apart from job possibilities, it also assists in making personal connections across cultural boundaries.

When the candidates take German language training in Bangalore, they get familiarized with the culture of the nation it is spoken in, and they begin loving it. Learning a new language will allow them to get in touch with its historical roots and improve their personality and knowledge. Communication and understanding the German language open various job prospects on a professional means.

German is one of the main languages used in intercontinental relations and business and there are various reputed online institutions where the candidates can easily get fluent in the German language. There are multiple reasons for taking German language classes in Bangalore. One of them is to feel at home in Germany.

Germans exuberantly appreciate when they see one attempting to speak in German and welcome them into their world which assists them to break hurdles and make new friends and professional contacts easily.

German has the most powerful economies over the globe, does add a significant weightage to their resume not only in Germany but also globally. So, taking German language training in Bangalore increases their job possibilities within the country & beyond its borders as well.

How many Indians’ learning German Language in 2021 & 2022

German is the 2nd most famous foreign language among Indians. It is spoken by over 100 million native speakers and a total of 185 million speakers globally. German is the 2nd most commonly used language on the internet.

It is easier than French but has a more challenging structure than Spanish. Various schools and colleges in India have listed German as optional and, in some cases, mandatory subjects to study. It becomes important to consider obtaining German because the demand is increasing, and the students & professionals will need to be more competitive in the future.

The scope of learning German is full of attractive salaries and colossal job possibilities. If one wishes to pursue further studies or do business in Germany, Switzerland, or Austria or enhance job opportunities in engineering, automobile, management, medical, and healthcare, German is a spectacular selection for such options.

Germany’s universities have a great international reputation and are among the best over the globe. Thanks to an extensive array of scholarships, German proficiency plays a pivotal role if one plans to go to Germany for higher studies

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While most classes are taught in German, there are opportunities to study in Germany & in English
We have small groups of 8 to 10 students that enroll in German Course in Bangalore.
We have trained teachers who are certified and also provide classes with native speakers.
Prizma Academy provides German Language Course in Bangalore for all ages. Kids of the age of 4 years can also participate in a German language course.